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Title Format Published
Government response to report of the Health Committee on Inquiry into improving child health outcomes and preventing child abuse, with a focus on preconception until three years of age Report 2014
Physical punishment of children in New Zealand : an update Information sheet 2014
Safe, stable, nurturing relationships as a moderator of intergenerational continuity of child maltreatment : a meta-analysis Journal article 2013
Primary care–based interventions for intimate partner violence : a systematic review Journal article 2014
Primary care–based interventions for intimate partner violence : a systematic review Journal article 2014
The exception that proves the rule : Female sex offending and the gendered nature of sexual violence ACSSA research summary 2014
Implementing scientific evidence to improve the quality of child protection Journal article 2013
Collaborative responses to reports of family violence : district briefing Presentation 2007
Family Violence Report Response System: initial response system : A guide. Foundation elements Report 2007
Family Violence Report Response System: initial response system : component system definitions Report 2007
Men at work : men's views on a stopping violence service Report 2014
Domestic violence and abuse : how services can respond effectively: guidance NICE guidance - UK 2014
Associations between intimate partner violence and health among men who have sex with men : a systematic review and meta-analysis Journal article 2014
Researching practises of risk : inside the social work office Journal article 2014
Acknowledging the complexities of sexual victimisation trauma ACSSA issues paper 2014
Community beliefs and misconceptions about male sexual assault ACSSA resource sheet 2013
Animals and domestic violence Journal article 2014
Sexual abuse and mental injury : practice guidelines for Aotearoa New Zealand ACC guidelines 2008
Vanuatu national survey on women's lives and family relationships Report 2013
Somebody's life, everybody's business! National research on women's health and life experiences in Fiji (2010/2011): A survey exploring the prevalence, incidence and attitudes to intimate partner violence in Fiji Report 2013
Solomon Islands Family Health and Safety Study : a study on violence against women and children Report 2009
Kiribati Family Health and Support Study : a study on violence against women and children Report 2010
The Samoa Family Health and Safety Study Report 2006
Hospital responsiveness to family violence : 108 month follow-up evaluation Report 2013
Addressing gender-based violence : a critical review of interventions Journal article 2007
Immediate and long-term outcomes of assault in pregnancy Journal article 2014
Prevention, response, and referral pathways for cases of intimate partner violence and sexual violence at a New Zealand university : a preliminary assessment BHSc(Hons) dissertation 2013
From research, through policy and politics to practice : learning from experience Journal article 2014
Restorative justice and sexual offending : what clinicians need to know about possible Trial Process Reform in New Zealand Journal article 2013
What can we do to bring the sparkle back into this child’s eyes? Child rights / community development principles : key elements for a strengths-based child protection practice Journal article 2014
Effects of child abuse and neglect for children and adolescents Fact sheet 2014
Culture : no excuse for abuse Booklet 2014
Diversity report : 2009 - 10 Report 2011
Choose to hug : information and suggestions for parents Booklet 2008
Imagining the solution : [conference - Wellington, 9-10 September 2013 Conference handbook & presentations 2013
Healthy moms, healthy babies : a train the trainers curriculum on domestic violence, reproductive coercion and children exposed Multimedia kit - US 2008
First impressions ... Exposure to violence and a child's developing brain DVD - US 2008
Something my father would do : overcoming legacies of family violence DVD - US 2006
Worldwide prevalence of non-partner sexual violence : a systematic review Journal article 2014
The effects of intimate partner violence before, during, and after pregnancy in nurse visited first time mothers Journal article 2013
Illuminating findings on the impact of adequate social support on IPV and pregnancy outcomes Journal article 2014
Family violence indicators : can administrative data sets be used to measure trends in family violence in New Zealand? Report 2013
Empowerment and advocacy for domestic violence victims Journal article 2013
Narrative research on child sexual abuse : addressing perennial problems in quantitative research Journal article 2013
Domestic violence and abuse : summary and recommendations Report - UK 2014
Service responses to survivors of sexual violence : perspectives of National Health Service and voluntary sector professionals on inter-agency working with survivors PhD Thesis - UK 2013
Reporting violence to the police : a survey of victims attending domestic violence services Report - Australia 2013
Conducting child custody evaluations in the context of family violence allegations Journal article 2009
Rethinking child custody evaluation in cases of domestic violence Journal article 2009
Bullying surveillance among youths : uniform definitions for public health and recommended data elements. Version 1.0 Report - US 2014
Bullying perpetration and subsequent sexual violence perpetration among middle school students Journal article 2012
Australian domestic violence protection order legislation : a comparative quantitative content analysis of victim safety provisions Journal article 2013
Rural masculinities and the internalisation of violence in agricultural communities Journal article 2013
Outcomes of short course interprofessional training in domestic violence and child protection Journal article 2014
'I could only work every second Sunday' : the role of separated fathers in the labour market participation of separated mothers when they’re in dispute over care and contact arrangements Journal article 2013
Community solutions for the community's problem : an evaluation of three New Zealand community-based treatment progams for child sexual offenders Journal article 2012
Community reintegration of sex offenders of children in New Zealand Journal article 2013
Recognition of burns as a marker of child abuse in the paediatric emergency department Letter in NZMJ 2013
Domestic/family violence death reviews : an international comparison Journal article 2014
Intimate partner violence and pregnancy : a systematic review of interventions Journal article 2014
The RESTORE program of restorative justice for sex crimes : vision, process and outcome Journal article 2014
Predicting potentially life-threatening partner violence by women toward men : a preliminary analysis Journal article 2013
Neighborhood environment and intimate partner violence : a systematic review Journal article 2013
Motivational and cognitive predictors of the propensity to intervene against intimate partner violence Journal article 2013
How to form alliances with families and communities : the provision of informal supports to families keeps kids safe Journal article 2013
'Fighting' for survival : a systematic review of physically violent behavior perpetrated and experienced by homeless young people Journal article 2014
A comparison of empirically based and structured professional judgment estimation of risk using the structured assessment of violence risk in youth Journal article 2014
The Danger Assessment : validation of a lethality assessment instrument for intimate partner femicide Journal article 2008
Transitioning youth with sexually harmful behaviour back into the community Journal article 2013
Listen to the children : kids' impressions of Who Do You Tell (TM) Journal article 2014
Associations between intimate partner violence and termination of pregnancy : a systematic review and meta-analysis Journal article 2014
Partner violence and substance abuse are intertwined : women’s perceptions of violence-substance connections Journal article 2013
Pain and somatic symptoms are sequelae of sexual assault : results of a prospective longitudinal study Journal article 2013
Fatherhood and intimate partner violence : bringing the parenting role into intervention strategies Journal article 2013
Economic empowerment of impoverished IPV survivors : a review of best practice literature and implications for policy Journal article 2013
Social work and adverse childhood experiences research : implications for practice and health policy Journal article 2014
Misperceptions about child sex offenders Short paper - Australia 2011
Profiling parental child sex abuse Short paper - Australia 2014
Child protection and out of home care : policy, practice, and research connections Australia and New Zealand Journal article 2013
Evaluating problem-solving courts in New Zealand Synopsis Report 2013
Family violence courts Literature review 2013
Towards freedom from violence : New Zealand family violence statistics disaggregated by ethnicity Report 2013
Putting people first : a review of Disability Support Services performance and quality management processes for purchased provider services Report 2013
Women and alcohol in Aotearoa/New Zealand | Te waipiro me ngā wāhine i Aotearoa Report 2013
Effectively involving men in preventing violence against women NZFVC Issues Paper 2013
Current thinking on primary prevention of violence against women Review 2013
Effectiveness of relationship education programmes in schools for years 7-13 Literature reviewt 2013
Inquiry into improving child health outcomes and preventing child abuse, with a focus on preconception until three years of age : Volume 1 Report 2013
Inquiry into improving child health outcomes and preventing child abuse, with a focus on preconception until three years of age : Volume 2 Report 2013
Women and alcohol in Aotearoa/New Zealand | Te waipiro me ngā wāhine i Aotearoa Policy briefing paper 2013
Intimate partner violence victimization and alcohol consumption in women : a systematic review and meta-analysis Journal article 2013
Violence Prevention Project for young women clients of Women's Refuge Evaluation report 2013
Breaking the silence but keeping secrets : what young people want to address sexual violence Report 2013
Who are you? toolkit : a toolkit for conducting primary prevention of sexual violence with young people Toolkit 2013
Sex, health and society : ensuring an integrated response Journal article 2013
Lifetime prevalence, associated factors, and circumstances of non-volitional sex in women and men in Britain : findings from the third National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal-3) Journal article 2013
A guide for family, friends and care providers of sexual violence survivors who have disabilities Resource 2001?
Engaging men in sexual assault prevention ACSSA Wrap 2013
Engaging men and boys in advancing women's agency : where we stand and new directions Working paper 2013
Intimate partner violence : economic costs and implications for growth and development Working paper 2013
Superman? Really? Journal article 2013
Vanquishing the violator : men, caring and lessons from ecology Journal article 2013
Shame and denial : engaging mandated men Journal article 2013
Desistance processes and practices with formerly abusive men Journal article 2013
CollaborACTION Journal article 2013
The central place of women's support and partner contact in men's behaviour change programs Journal article 2013
The next step : a resolution approach to dealing with intimate partner violence Journal article 2013
Reduction of family violence in Aboriginal communities : a systematic review of interventions and approaches Journal article 2010
Family violence and the need for prevention research in First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities Journal article 2010
Violence and abuse issues : cross-cultural perspectives for health and social services Book 2009
Unearthing new concepts of justice : Women sexual violence survivors seeking healing and justice Journal article 2013
Unearthed concepts of justice for women who have experienced sexual violence : possibilities for healing and enhancing criminal justice Journal article 2013
Perpetrator accountability in child protection practice : a resource for child protection workers about engaging and responding to perpetrators of family and domestic violence Resource - Australia 2013
Men's intervention programmes Journal article 2013
Research results from a national sudy of intimate partner homicide : the Danger Assessment Instrument Journal article 2004
Exploring risk factors for suicidal ideation in a population-based sample of New Zealand women who have experienced intimate partner violence Journal article 2013
‘I couldn’t even dress the way I wanted.’ Young women talk of ‘ownership’ by boyfriends : an opportunity for the prevention of domestic violence? Journal article 2013
Nga vaka o kāiga tapu : Pasefika Proud family violence research plan 2013 - 2018 Researc plan 2013
Violent girls : the daughters of family violence. 'A New Zealand perspective' Conference paper 2013
Backward, dumb and violent hillbilllies? Rural geographies and intersectional studies on intimate partner violence Journal article 2013
Nine year follow-up of a home-visiting program : a randomized trial Journal article 2013
Engaging boys and young men in the prevention of sexual violence : a systematic and global review of evaluated interventions Systematic review 2011
Childhood sexual abuse and adult developmental outcomes : findings from a 30-year longitudinal study in New Zealand Journal article 2013
Peer support : reframing the journey of living experience of domestic violence Journal article 2013
The changing nature of family violence interventions Journal article 2013
Gender violence : using culture as a resource in the process of decolonisaton Journal article 2013
New directions in child abuse and neglect research Report - US 2013
The safety of young children in care : a New Zealand study Journal article 2013
Evaluation of the Whānau Ora Wellbeing Service of Te Whakaruruhau : final report Report 2013
Preventing child neglect in New Zealand : a public health assessment of the evidence , current approach and best practice guidance Journal article 2010
Māori women and intimate partner violence some sociocultural influences Journal article 2011
Assessment of dynamic risk factors : an independent validation study of the Violence Risk Scale: Sexual Offender Version Journal article 2010
Treatment gain for sexual offenders against children predicts reduced recidivism : a comparative validity study Journal article 2011
Incorporating change information into sexual offender risk assessments using the Violence Risk Scale - Sexual Offender version Journal article 2013
The health, mental health and well-being benefits of rape crisis counseling Journal article 2013
Growing up with domestic violence : the voices of resilience Masters thesis 2013
Review of Child, Youth and Family complaints system : report to the Minister of Social Development, June 2013 Report 2013
Review of the delivery of restorative justice in family violence cases by providers funded by the Ministry of Justice Report 2008
Review of the use of restorative justice in family violence cases in the Rotorua district Report 2007
Mounting and maintaining the Violence Against Women research and evaluation program at the National Institute of Justice Article 2013
Changed and changing gender and family roles and domestic violence in African refugee background communities post-settlement in Perth, Australia Article 2013
Changing course : preventing gang membership Report - US 2013
Reporting sexual violence in Aotearoa New Zealand Report 2013