NZFVC Quick Reads: 1 March 2024

Fri 01 Mar 2024

This Quick Reads covers: • Te-Tiriti Based Futures and Anti-Racism 2024 • Information sheet on online child sexual exploitation • New Obudsman report on Oranga Tamariki • International Women's Day 2024 • Te Rā Ngā Tamariki | Children's day 2024 • New report on attitudes towards internet

NZFVC Quick Reads: 1 March 2024

Welcome to our new Quick Reads format. Each week we share selected news bites relevant to family violence and sexual violence in Aotearoa. This is a new format and we welcome your feedback. Let us know what you think at See all past NZFVC Quick reads.

Te-Tiriti Based Futures and Anti-Racism 2024

Te Tiriti-based futures + Anti-racism 2024 is a free online conference in Aotearoa taking place 16-25 March 2024. The conference focus is Te Tiriti-based futures, anti-racism and decolonisation. Ani Mikaere will be speaking on “Colonialism, Racism and the Logic of Genocide”, Leonie Pihama on “He Waka Eke Noa: The Role of the State in perpetuating Violence on Māori”, and Tracy McIntosh on “The case for abolishing prisons”. The full programme and registration information can be found on the conference website.

Ombudsman report highlights concerns with Oranga Tamariki 

The Chief Ombudsman, Peter Boshier, recently released the report, Children in care: complaints to the Ombudsman 2019-2023 (2024). The report details the types and numbers of complaints to the Ombudsman about Oranga Tamariki, the emerging themes from the complaints, relevant case studies, and how the Ombudsman resolves issues for complainants and overall system improvement. The report also covers the recommendations the Ombudsman makes to Oranga Tamariki, and how and when Oranga Tamariki responds to these recommendations. See also the Ombudsman’s media release for the report.

International Women’s Day 2024, events related to gender-based violence

The 8th of March 2024 marks United Nations’ International Women’s Day. This year’s theme is "Invest in women: Accelerate progress" and includes 5 areas for global advocacy and activism to focus on: investing in women, a human rights issue; ending poverty; implementing gender-responsive financing; shifting to a green economy and care society; and supporting feminist change-makers. Many organisation around Aotearoa have organised events in support of IWD 2024, including the National Council of Women New Zealand Influence Action Hub who are hosting an online webinar on 8 March, Countering Misogyny: The Link Between Online Misogyny and Violent Extremism. On March 7, Shama Ethnic Women’s Trust are hosting their International Women’s Day 2024 National Zoom Gathering where guest speaker, Dhilum Nightingale, will share insights from her work at the intersection of family law and immigration law supporting migrant women victim/survivors of violence. For a select list of International Women’s Day Events in Aotearoa, see our dedicated event page. 

Te Rā o Ngā Tamariki | Children’s Day 2024

The 3rd of March 2024 marks Te Rā o Ngā Tamariki | Children’s Day 2024 in Aotearoa. This year’s theme is the whakataukī, “He taonga te tamaiti —children are our greatest gift”. The Te Rā o Ngā Tamariki website has a compiled a list of Children’s Day events taking place across Aotearoa, as well as community resources, and free downloadable resources for those thinking about hosting an event. Tākai, a one-stop hub for whānau supporters, has also provided a set of free downloadable resources for event organisers and whānau.

Information for families of children who are victims of online sexual exploitation

Te Tari Taiwhenua | The Department of Internal Affairs have published an information sheet, developed jointly with NZ Police, Customs, and Ministry of Justice, for non-offending partners and family members impacted by a child sexual exploitation investigation. The resource contains information on the court process as well as support services available to them. The information sheet was mentioned in the Te Tari Taiwhenua media release for the Digital Child Exploitation Team 2023 end of year reporting. More information on the process in Aotearoa for responding to online child sexual exploitation can be found on the Te Tari Taiwhenua webpage. 

New report on public attitudes about the internet

InternetNZ | Ipurangi Aotearoa have released their report, New Zealand’s Internet Insights 2023 (2023). This report, produced by Verian (formerly Kantar Public), explores the attitudes of internet users in Aotearoa towards the internet. Ipurangi Aotearoa highlighted in a media release for the report that there is growing concern about misleading information on the internet. In a separate media release, Ipurangi Aotearoa also highlighted the high level of concern found in their report about children’s access to harmful content and exposure to cyber bullying. Netsafe welcomed these findings in their media release and called for the Harmful Digital Communications Act to be strengthened in order to better protect young people.

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