Data Summaries


These data summaries are a collation of publicly available information about family violence. The most recent data summaries are available from this page. Previous data summaries can be found under archived material.


Data Summary 1

Family Violence Deaths, June 2017.

Data Summary 2

Violence Against Women, June 2017.

Data Summary 3

Children and Youth affected by Family Violence, June 2017.

Data Summary 4

Child Sexual Abuse, June 2017.

Data Summary 5

Adult Sexual Violence, June 2017.

Data Summary 6

Child Sexual Abuse and Adult Sexual Violence - Perpetration by Gender, June 2017.

Supplementary data

Regional data by Police district, June 2017.


Child and Youth Mortality Review Committee definitions

District Court definitions

Family Court definitions

Family Violence Death Review Committee definitions

Legal definitions

Ministry for Vulnerable Children, Oranga Tamariki definitions

Ministry of Health definitions

New Zealand Police definitions

Protection Order application process flow chart (current in 2017)

Please note: An updated version of this flowchart was produced by Ministry of Justice in 2019

Research study data definitions

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Some government agencies have published more recent data since 2017.

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Data Summaries from previous years

Data summaries published in previous years have been removed from this website and archived by the Clearinghouse.

Definitions documents related to previous years have also been removed.

See a list of archived material. These publications are available on request.