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Title Format Published
Effective design and implementation elements in interventions to prevent violence against women and girls Report - South Africa 2019
A mixed-methods pilot study of the EAAA rape resistance programme for female undergraduate students in Aotearoa/ New Zealand Journal article 2019
What works to prevent cyber violence against women and girls? Report - UK 2018
Rape myths as barriers to fair trial process : comparing adult rape trials with those in the Aotearoa Sexual Violence Court Pilot Book 2020
Justice, wellbeing and social capital Short paper 2020
Coercive control and criminal responsibility : victims who kill their abusers Journal article 2016
The nature and culture of social work with children and families in long-term casework : findings from a qualitative longitudinal study Journal article 2020
Indigenous people in Australia and New Zealand and the intergenerational effects of incarceration Short paper - Australia 2019
Communities working to reduce indigenous family violence Short paper - Australia 2012
Evaluation of the Good Way Model : a treatment approach for young people with harmful sexual behaviour Report 2015
Evaluation of the Te Poutama Ārahi Rangatahi residential treatment programme for adolescent males : final report Report 2007
Paediatric intentional head injuries in the emergency department : a multicentre prospective cohort study Journal article 2019
Homicide-followed-by-suicide incidents involving child victims Journal article 2013
Correlates of intimate partner homicide among male suicide decedents with known intimate partner problems Journal article 2019
Colonising myths - Māori realities : He rukuruku whakaaro Book 2011
Just sex? : the cultural scaffolding of rape Book 2019
Elder abuse surveillance : uniform definitions and recommended data elements. Version 1.0 Report - US 2016
Elder abuse in Aotearoa : the role and current state of MSD's Elder Abuse Response Services Report 2019
ACEs, cultural considerations and 'common sense' in Aotearoa New Zealand Journal article 2019
The experiences of pregnant women attending a specialist service and using methamphetamine Journal article 2020
Methamphetamine use and violence : findings from a longitudinal birth cohort Journal article 2020
Rapid review of men’s behavior change programs Journal article 2020
Topical report : offences by New Zealand adults against family members. Cycle 1 (2018) Report 2020
Coercive control : update and review Journal article 2019
An analysis of restorative justice and intimate partner violence policy and practice : professionals' perspectives and perceptions PhD thesis 2016
You can't see it if you’re not looking : sex trafficking in Aotearoa New Zealand PhD thesis 2018
Sustaining primary care responses to intimate partner violence PhD thesis 2019
Stories of resistance : women moving away from intimate partner violence PhD thesis 2016
I am undone by these women : identity and change in a feminist domestic violence organisation PhD thesis 2018
‘Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds’ : ‘Wetekia te mau here o te hinengāro, ma tātou anō e whakaora, e whakawātea te hinengāro’ PhD thesis 2019
Tangata whenua, tangata Tiriti, huia tangata kotahi : people of the land, people of the Treaty, bring everyone together. State of the nation report Report 2020
Caring for our tamaiti mokopuna : voices of Ngāti Porou tamaiti mokopuna and whānau Report 2019
Te mura o te ahi, fighting for our tamariki : a collection of whānau stories produced as a part of the Māori Inquiry into Oranga Tamariki Report 2020
Ko te wā whakawhiti - It's time for change : a Māori inquiry into Oranga Tamariki Report 2020
Women in prison with traumatic brain injury : prevalence, mechanism, and impact on mental health Journal article 2018
Agency compliance with Regulations 69 and 85 of the Oranga Tamariki (National Care Standards and Related Matters) Regulations Report 2020
Putting coercive control into practice : problems and possibilities Journal article 2020
Child witnesses in NZ criminal courts : issues, responses, opportunities Report 2019
Te tangi o te manawanui: Recommendations for reform : strengthening the criminal justice system for victims Report 2019
Turuki! Turuki! Move together transforming our criminal justice system Report 2019
Purea nei : changing the culture of the legal profession Report 2019
Children's rights in Aotearoa New Zealand : reflections on the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child Conference report 2019
What were they thinking? A discussion paper on brain and behaviour in relation to the justice system in New Zealand Report 2020
Limiting our livelihoods : the cumulative impact of sexual harassment on women's careers Report - US 2019
Comprehensive sexuality education as a strategy for preventing intimate partner violence among adolescents Policy brief - US 2019
Preventing intimate partner violence among young people : a qualitative study examining the role of comprehensive sexuality education Journal article 2019
Preventing intimate partner violence among young people : the role of comprehensive sexuality education Briefing report - UK 2019
The Hague principles on sexual violence Report - The Netherlands 2019
Strategies to support culturally safe health and wellbeing evaluations in Indigenous settings in Australia and New Zealand : a concept mapping study Journal article 2019
Aroha and manaakitanga — That’s what it is about : indigenous women, “love,” and interpersonal violence Journal article 2019
A tradition in transition : factors perpetuating and hindering the continuance of female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) summarized in a systematic review Journal article 2013
Minority migrant men's attitudes toward female genital mutilation : developing strategies to engage men Journal article 2019
Reflecting and learning : a grounded theory on reframing deficit views of young indigenous women and safety Journal article 2019
Fourth Action Plan 2019 - 2022 of the National plan to reduce violence against women and their children 2010 - 2022 Action plan - Australia 2019
ComVoices state of the sector survey Report 2019
What will it take? promoting cultural change to end sexual harassment UN report 2019
Constituting and responding to domestic and sexual violence Journal article 2019